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  Select Employee Groups 

Employers, would you like to give your employees an extra benefit at no cost to you?

Here at First Choice America  Federal Credit Union we offer a program called the SEG program (which stands for Select Employee Group) that allows business owners to give that extra benefit to their employees.  With such busy schedules it is very hard for some people to sign up for financial services, so we bring these services to your employees.  Our business representatives will visit your organization and talk with your employees during their break periods.  Why is this such a great benefit?  Here’s some of the reasons why:

  • Your employees can sign up and learn about many of our accounts and services during their lunch break.

  • Your employees do not have to make an extra trip to the Credit Union to make changes on their account.

  • The Credit Union offers competitive rates on savings and loans, free checking, internet banking, and many more low-fee or no-fee products and services.

  • When Credit Union employees visit your organization they bring along prizes for your employees to win and small gifts for them.

With all of these benefits, you are probably wondering how you can have one of our business representatives visit your company?  All you have to do is pick up the phone today and call the Credit Union at 1-800-427-4835 to set up a visit. 

*All new accounts subject to consumer and credit report.   All loans subject to credit approval.




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