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We have added a security feature for our memberís safety called PassMark. All financial institutions that provide online banking are required by the Federal Regulators to implement a more secure transaction atmosphere other than just having a password.  Though there is a variety of ways to do this, our Credit Union chose PassMark. Learn more about the program through our frequently asked questions below.

What is PassMark?
It is a security enhancement for our Internet Banking Service -   First Choice America Online.  When you log onto your account you will be asked to choose an image, a short text phrase, and to select and answer three challenge questions.  When you log back onto the First Choice America Online site you will be asked to verify the picture and text phrase.  If you use a different computer you will be asked to respond to a challenge question and once answered that computer will be registered for regular use.

Why did the Credit Union implement this change?
The security enhancements offer you added safety by helping to ensure that only you can access your credit union account.   The security upgrade protects you from accidentally revealing your user ID and password to a fake site. In addition, if someone does somehow get your user ID and password, he will still not be able to access your account because he is not at your registered computer.

When did this change take place?
It took place in January of 2007. 

Do I need to purchase additional software for my computer for this to work correctly? 
This enhanced security does not require you to have any additional hardware or software for your computer.  All of the identification and validation takes place behind the scenes Ė creating a silent but secure login.

Can I register multiple computers to use for my internet banking?
Yes, once you answer the questions at the other computer you will be able to register that computer as one of your computers. 

If I want to change my image, text phrase or questions, will I be able to do so?
Yes, that can be done by going to the preference button, once you get logged into your account.

If I have a joint on my account, do they have to register too or will they use my image, text phrase, and questions/answers? 
You and your joint will share your image, text phrase and questions/answers.  So, it is very important that you share information with your joint, unless you do not want them in your account.

What happens if I cannot remember the answers to my questions? 
You will be allowed 2 attempts at the first question and then 1 attempt at the second question.  If you cannot answer them correctly then you will be locked out.

Does the Credit Union have the answers to my questions on file in case I get locked out?
No, the Credit Union does not keep the answers to any of our memberís questions on file, that information is personal and confidential, just like your password. If you get locked out, then you will have to contact the Credit Union to have your internet banking reset.


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