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Check Out Our Low Fee Structure!

Member Account Fees

Share Minimum Balance Fee (per quarter) $3.00
S/D Return Draft Fee (NSF) (per item) $30.00
ACH Return Draft Fee (NSF) (per item) $30.00
PCU/BP NSF Fee (per item)(BillPayer) $30.00
S/D Uncollected Funds Fee (UCF) (per item) $30.00
ACH Uncollected Funds Fee (UCF) (per item) $30.00
PCU/BP Uncollected Funds Fee (UCF) (per item) (BillPayer) $30.00
S/D Overdraft Fee (Courtesy Pay)     (per item) $30.00
ACH Overdraft Fee (Courtesy Pay)    (per item) $30.00
PCU/BP Overdraft Fee (Courtesy Pay) (per item) (BillPayer)  $30.00
ATM/Debit Card Overdraft Fee (per item) $30.00
Stop Payment Fee( per item/series) $10.00
Deposit Item Returned Fee $15.00
Draft Copy/Transaction Receipt Copy $2.00
Share Check/Loan Check/Money Order Copy $2.00
Statement Photocopy $1.00
Statement Reconcilement (per hour) $5.00
MSB Monthly Fee (Accounts not offered) $20.00
MRB Monthly Fee (Accounts not offered) $100.00

Check Printing
     *Depends on Check Style
     *Members with Direct Deposit of entire check receive at no charge 1 order (150) of LIDS
       per calendar year or credit toward other check styles

ATM Card/VISA Check Card Fees
     *Nonproprietary ATM per transaction $1.00
     *Replacement Card $5.00
     *Foreign Transaction Fee

1% of transaction amount

BillPayer Fees  
          PCU/BP Flat Fee (BillPayer)          (per month) $4.95
          BillPayer Stop Payment Fee (per item) $10.00
          BillPayer Check Copy Fee  $7.50
          BillPayer Same Day Electronic Payment $9.95
          BillPayer Same Day Check Payment $14.95
      BillPayer Pop Money Fees for 3 Day Delivery  
            $0.00-$249.99 $0.50
            $250.00-$999.99 $0.75
            $1,000.00 or more $1.50
      BillPayer Pop Money Fees for Next Day Delivery  
            $0.00-$249.99 $0.85
            $250.00-$999.99 $1.00
            $1,000.00 or more $2.00

Other Available Services

Money Order Fee (per $1,000) $.75
Visa Gift Card Fee $2.50
Collection Fees (incoming)  $15.00
Levy Attachment Fee $15.00
Wire Transfer Fee
         Incoming $5.00 
         Outgoing $10.00
         Foreign $75.00
Commercial Money Order Fee
    * Fee set by Western Union - Inquire at Special Services 
Night Deposit Bags with Keys
     2 bags NC
     3 and Over (Each) $12.00
     Keys NC
Safe Deposit Box Fees
     Key Replacement Fee (plus locksmith fees) $10.00
     Drilling /Lock Replacement Fee at cost
Annual Rental Fee:
     2x5 (Chester Only) $12.00
     3x5 $12.00
     5x5 $15.00
     3x10 $22.00
     5x10 $25.00
     10x10 (Wheeling Only) $50.00
     10x10 (Weekly rental only) $5.00





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